How Chris Brown’s violence can have an influence on our society and youth.

On February 8th, 2009, Chris Brown had physically abused his girlfriend Robyn Fenty, AKA Rihanna. For the reason that both of these individuals are important figures and influences in our popular culture this incident was blown up within our media. Chris Brown committed a violent crime and it seems that our society has forgiven him for it, as well as rewarding him for this act. In the beginning most of the world was shocked, however these 25 tweets displayed on Twitter by young women in our society are even more shocking. These particular young women are saying that it is okay if Chris Brown physically abuses them because he is “flawless”. It gives the impression that these women clearly think that what he did was not wrong and are giving him permission to inflict physical violence onto them. For example one tweet stated “I don’t know why Rihanna complained. Chris Brown could beat me anytime he wanted to.” The lack of self-respect shown for young women within this article does not surprise me one bit. This article portrays young women in our society as having no respect for themselves or for those who are subjected to violence. This incident also shows how forgiving our society is for those in surrounded by our media. I am positive that abuse is not just something that is easily forgiven however this is sending a message that domestic violence is okay.

I find this event links violence with sex. Chris Brown and Rihanna were not having sex when he beat her up, they were in a car, and so I find it interesting to how a lot of the tweets concerning this are linking Chris Brown’s violent tendencies to being sexual. These tweeters are making violence appear as if it has a sexual aspect. Sex is definitely stereotyped as a “male dominated sport”. By that I mean that sex is stereotyped to be solely concentrated on the men’s sexual pleasure and the act of men dominating women. A lot of the tweeter’s added wink emoticons after their comments. For example, @sarahleighlove tweets “I’d let Chris Brown beat me up anytime 😉 #womanbeater”. This young woman in particular is giving control to an abuser to hurt her, but I don’t think she truly wants to get beat up. This demonstrates that these young women do not actually mean what they are saying, and that they are asking playfully for Chris Brown to beat them up. However whether asked playfully or not, it is not appropriate and ignorant to those subjected to violence.


This is a problem in our society. It stereotypes young women as not being able to have their own sexual freedom as well as it shows that women do not have respect for themselves and they should. Young women should not just assume that they should be treated badly or think that it is okay to be treated badly.

To view these horrific tweets:


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